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Building Value & Stability in New York Buildings

Eastern Steel Corporation is a steel supplier for clients throughout Long Island, Westchester County, Bronx County, Queens County, and Brooklyn, NY. Our clients trust us for steel products and services because we’ve spent over 90 years in business with a commitment to success, stability, and excellence. The Laurentz family have been the owners of Eastern Steel Corporation since we started, and we’re proud of our history as a reliable steel business based in Brooklyn. Our steel products and building supply services add value and stability to buildings throughout New York City and beyond. We have a staff of experienced sales professionals ready and willing to help you get the high-quality products and services your project needs. Our dedication to being the industry’s best steel distributor ensures you benefit from a partnership with us, whether you build bridges, overpasses, apartments, warehouses, factories, or any other structure that calls for steel. If your project requires metal processing, shearing, or quick and direct delivery of steel products, our services encompass all these needs so that the construction process can run smoothly and on time.

Our Steel Products & Building Supply Services

Your building project needs a reliable steel supplier to ensure its timely completion and safe, stable construction. Eastern Steel Corporation has all the steel products your project requires, and we honor your patronage with products and services that exceed the necessary standards to earn your satisfaction. Our metal processing capabilities include plate burning, beam cambering, painting, blasting, saw cutting, and split tees, and we offer shearing services to help you get the exact size specifications you need for your project. If you’re on a tight schedule and without a crew to transport your purchased steel, we’re equipped to handle large and small deliveries directly to your job site or facility. Our products are useful for building projects of all types and sizes. If you’re building a high-rise building, bridge, warehouse, or any other major structure, you need the tensile strength that steel offers, as well as its ability to flex.

Benefits of Eastern Steel Corporation’s Services

Relying on products and services from Eastern Steel Corporation for your building project comes with many benefits that ensure safety, quality, and customization with the building supplies you need. Our company makes exceptional service a priority with every client, and that includes producing and selling durable, quality steel products while also fulfilling your general building supply needs. We take great care to develop the best possible materials in the steel making process, and our steel services deliver precise results to match your building supply needs. Other benefits of coming to Eastern Steel Corporation include the following:

  • One of the biggest benefits of working with us is our ability to meet your exact needs in metal processing. This includes special requirements like testings and marking to fit your size requirements and other specific needs.
  • We can also deliver your steel products and building supplies directly and on time to your facility or job site, which relieves you of the time-consuming hassles of transport and sending your own trucks to collect them.

Latest News & Updates about Our Products & Services

Eastern Steel Corporation values your partnership with our Brooklyn company, and we want to keep you informed on our latest news and updates. Staying current on the latest developments with our products and services is another beneficial topic we wish to keep you updated every time you visit our website. We’ll continue to update this page with helpful articles, press releases, and other resources flush with the latest important information on our company and the steel and building supply industry. You deserve up-to-date resources that keep you in the loop, which is part of our founding principle of providing success, stability, and excellence in the steel industry. You can also access newsletters and other resources relevant to steel, commercial structure building supplies, and home building supplies. As time passes, we invite you to revisit this page to learn more as we update our media resources with the newest informative articles and releases. If you have additional questions about our company, the products and services we offer, or how to partner with us on your next building project, you’re welcome to reach out to us to get answers.

Contact Us to Start Your Order for Steel Products

As a leading steel supplier to building projects in and around New York City, Our team takes pride in over 90 years of success and integrity when working with our clients. As a commercial builder, you need steel products and services that meet or exceed your quality standards to ensure your projects are safe and stable. Our company has a proven history of providing steel with an excellent tensile strength that we can customize to fit your building requirements and size specifications. Contact us today to speak with our sales professionals about the steel and supplies you need for a building project.

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