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Your Source for Building Supply and Steel Products

Steel has become an essential resource for building projects of all sizes, from residential to commercial. As a contractor completing these types of projects, you need a reliable source for steel products and building supplies in Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, Westchester County, and Long Island. Eastern Steel Corporation has all the products you need to complete your building projects. We have been fulfilling this service since 1924, supplying the right products and processing them correctly to meet the individual needs of each contractor. We want to help you build strong and beautiful buildings for your clients. Please reach out to us today to learn more about our product offerings or to place an order.

Steel Beams in Brooklyn, NY

Providing Steel Products to Build Your Architectural Creations

At Eastern Steel Corporation, our goal is to help our customers turn a blueprint into an architectural masterpiece. There are hundreds of steel building products and other building supplies that must be used to build the structure from the ground up, and we have you covered for all projects in Brooklyn, Queens, and Westchester County. Steel products are used in more than just giant skyscrapers. The rise of open-concept floorplans has made them essential for support, even in single-family homes or small apartment buildings. Regardless of what you are building, our team can help you find the right products and process them to meet your needs.

How Our Steel Products Are Useful

Our steel products can be used in many building applications. Because we have such a vast product inventory with the ability to customize products with our processing services, contractors find that Eastern Steel Corporation is the best source for all of their steel products. Whether you are working on a commercial, residential, or municipal project, we have the steel supply you need to get the job done right. Our products are useful for:


  • Bridges and Overpasses – The tensile strength of steel is necessary to build bridges over water or other roadways. Because it can flex, can withstand the constant vibration of traffic.
  • High-Rises – New York is known for its towering buildings to accommodate all the businesses that want to call the area home. The strength of steel is what makes these buildings possible, providing the framework and support needed.
  • Apartments and Condos – With limited real estate in the city, developers must build up instead of out, even for residential housing. Steel is a more economically-sound material for building multi-family housing buildings than concrete and other materials.
  • Factories – Factory facilities need a wide, unobstructed floorplan to accommodate assembly lines and large machinery. Structural steel provides the support necessary to create open floorplans without sacrificing structural integrity.
  • Warehouses – Similar to factories, warehouses need high ceilings and open space to accommodate workers and machinery like forklifts and trucks. Using steel in the construction of these facilities makes that possible.
  • Entertainment Venues – Concert halls, sports stadiums, and large theatres all need to be able to seat as many guests as possible without obstructing their view with large support pillars. Our steel beams can be used to build these extensive facilities.

Benefits of Our Superior Steel Products

The most significant benefit of receiving steel products from the expert team at Eastern Steel Corporation is our ability to process metals to meet your needs. We can perform testing and marking as well as complete any other special requirements, including beam cambering, saw cutting, painting, and more. Besides, we also provide delivery straight to your job site if you need it. This means you will not have to send your trucks and can simply wait for the delivery to arrive, but do not worry about it arriving late. Our team is always on time. If you have any questions about our range of products or steel services, please reach out to our team today.

Products We Offer at Eastern Steel Corporation

We want to be the only provider of steel products and building supplies you need for projects in Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and throughout Westchester County, which is why we offer a full range of steel products. We have an experienced and professional sales staff ready to assist you with all your needs. Our goal is to create a longtime partnership with all our customers, so they always have someone on whom they can rely for all their steel needs. We offer all the following steel products:

Bar Grating
Bar Grating
Misc Structural Channels
Expanded Metal
Steel Moulding

Contact Eastern Steel Corporation for Steel Products Today

Steel is among the most versatile, durable, and desirable metals with which to build, so you should never settle for any other material. The team at Eastern Steel Corporation is proud to provide high-quality steel products to customers and contractors throughout Bronx, New York, Queens, and Westchester Counties. We will gladly explain the myriad applications for our wide selection of products and help determine which ones work best for you. Furthermore, we will help you select the sizes that will fit your specifications. Contact us before your next construction project to learn more about our steel supply products.

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Contact our steel supply company for products that add stability and value to your buildings.