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Size in InchesWt. per FootWt. per 20 Ft
Size in Inches:3/16Wt. per Foot:0.094Wt. per 20 Ft:1.88
Size in Inches:1/4Wt. per Foot:0.167Wt. per 20 Ft:3.34
Size in Inches:5/16Wt. per Foot:0.261Wt. per 20 Ft:5.22
Size in Inches:3/8Wt. per Foot:0.376Wt. per 20 Ft:7.52
Size in Inches:7/16Wt. per Foot:0.511Wt. per 20 Ft:10.22
Size in Inches:1/2Wt. per Foot:0.669Wt. per 20 Ft:13.38
Size in Inches:9/16Wt. per Foot:0.846Wt. per 20 Ft:16.92
Size in Inches:5/8Wt. per Foot:1.044Wt. per 20 Ft:20.88
Size in Inches:3/4Wt. per Foot:1.503Wt. per 20 Ft:30.06
Size in Inches:7/8Wt. per Foot:2.046Wt. per 20 Ft:40.92
Size in Inches:1Wt. per Foot:2.673Wt. per 20 Ft:53.46
Size in Inches:1.13Wt. per Foot:3.382Wt. per 20 Ft:67.64
Size in Inches:1.25Wt. per Foot:4.177Wt. per 20 Ft:83.54
Size in Inches:1.38Wt. per Foot:5.054Wt. per 20 Ft:101.08
Size in Inches:1.50Wt. per Foot:6.014Wt. per 20 Ft:120.28
Size in Inches:1.63Wt. per Foot:7.058Wt. per 20 Ft:141.16
Size in Inches:1.75Wt. per Foot:8.186Wt. per 20 Ft:163.72
Size in Inches:1.88Wt. per Foot:9.397Wt. per 20 Ft:187.94
Size in Inches:2.00Wt. per Foot:10.69Wt. per 20 Ft:213.8
Size in Inches:2.13Wt. per Foot:12.071Wt. per 20 Ft:241.42
Size in Inches:2.25Wt. per Foot:13.533Wt. per 20 Ft:270.66
Size in Inches:2.31Wt. per Foot:14.293Wt. per 20 Ft:285.86
Size in Inches:2.38Wt. per Foot:15.074Wt. per 20 Ft:301.48
Size in Inches:2.50Wt. per Foot:16.706Wt. per 20 Ft:334.12
Size in Inches:2.63Wt. per Foot:18.417Wt. per 20 Ft:368.34
Size in Inches:2.75Wt. per Foot:20.219Wt. per 20 Ft:404.38
Size in Inches:2.88Wt. per Foot:22.091Wt. per 20 Ft:441.82
Size in Inches:3.00Wt. per Foot:24.053Wt. per 20 Ft:481.06
Size in Inches:3.25Wt. per Foot:28.237Wt. per 20 Ft:564.74
Size in Inches:3.38Wt. per Foot:30.449Wt. per 20 Ft:608.98
Size in Inches:3.5Wt. per Foot:32.741Wt. per 20 Ft:654.82
Size in Inches:3.63Wt. per Foot:35.123Wt. per 20 Ft:702.46
Size in Inches:3.75Wt. per Foot:37.585Wt. per 20 Ft:751.7
Size in Inches:3.88Wt. per Foot:40.138Wt. per 20 Ft:802.76
Size in Inches:4Wt. per Foot:42.77Wt. per 20 Ft:855.4
Size in Inches:4.25Wt. per Foot:48.275Wt. per 20 Ft:965.5
Size in Inches:4.5Wt. per Foot:54.131Wt. per 20 Ft:1,082.62
Size in Inches:4.75Wt. per Foot:60.307Wt. per 20 Ft:1,206.14
Size in Inches:5Wt. per Foot:66.823Wt. per 20 Ft:1,336.46
Size in Inches:5.25Wt. per Foot:73.669Wt. per 20 Ft:1,473.38
Size in Inches:5.5Wt. per Foot:80.856Wt. per 20 Ft:1,617.12
Size in Inches:5.75Wt. per Foot:88.373Wt. per 20 Ft:1,767.46
Size in Inches:6Wt. per Foot:96.221Wt. per 20 Ft:1,924.42
Size in Inches:6.25Wt. per Foot:104.398Wt. per 20 Ft:2,087.96
Size in Inches:6.5Wt. per Foot:112.926Wt. per 20 Ft:2,258.52
Size in Inches:6.75Wt. per Foot:121.785Wt. per 20 Ft:2,435.70
Size in Inches:7Wt. per Foot:130.973Wt. per 20 Ft:2,619.46
Size in Inches:7.25Wt. per Foot:140.492Wt. per 20 Ft:2,809.84
Size in Inches:7.5Wt. per Foot:150.352Wt. per 20 Ft:3,007.04
Size in Inches:7.75Wt. per Foot:160.541Wt. per 20 Ft:3,210.82
Size in Inches:8Wt. per Foot:171.061Wt. per 20 Ft:3,421.22
Size in Inches:8.25Wt. per Foot:181.921Wt. per 20 Ft:3,638.42
Size in Inches:8.5Wt. per Foot:193.112Wt. per 20 Ft:3,862.24
Size in Inches:8.75Wt. per Foot:204.643Wt. per 20 Ft:4,092.86
Size in Inches:9Wt. per Foot:216.504Wt. per 20 Ft:4,330.08
Size in Inches:9.25Wt. per Foot:228.695Wt. per 20 Ft:4,573.90
Size in Inches:9.5Wt. per Foot:241.227Wt. per 20 Ft:4,824.54
Size in Inches:10Wt. per Foot:267.342Wt. per 20 Ft:5,346.84

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