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Hot rolled square bars possess many of the same characteristics of hot rolled round bars and are uniquely resistant to shock and vibration.

Size in InchesWt. per FootWt. per 20 Ft
Size in Inches 1/4Wt. per Foot0.213Wt. per 20 Ft4.26
Size in Inches 5/16Wt. per Foot0.332Wt. per 20 Ft6.64
Size in Inches 3/8Wt. per Foot0.478Wt. per 20 Ft9.56
Size in Inches 7/16Wt. per Foot0.652Wt. per 20 Ft13.04
Size in Inches 1/2Wt. per Foot0.851Wt. per 20 Ft17.02
Size in Inches 5/8 Wt. per Foot1.329Wt. per 20 Ft26.58
Size in Inches 3/4Wt. per Foot1.915Wt. per 20 Ft38.3
Size in Inches 7/8Wt. per Foot2.605Wt. per 20 Ft52.1
Size in Inches1Wt. per Foot3.403Wt. per 20 Ft68.06
Size in Inches1.13Wt. per Foot4.307Wt. per 20 Ft86.14
Size in Inches1.25Wt. per Foot5.318Wt. per 20 Ft106.36
Size in Inches1.38Wt. per Foot6.434Wt. per 20 Ft128.68
Size in Inches1.5Wt. per Foot7.567Wt. per 20 Ft153.14
Size in Inches1.63Wt. per Foot8.986Wt. per 20 Ft179.72
Size in Inches1.75Wt. per Foot10.423Wt. per 20 Ft208.46
Size in Inches2Wt. per Foot13.31Wt. per 20 Ft266.2
Size in Inches2.13Wt. per Foot15.367Wt. per 20 Ft307.34
Size in Inches2.25Wt. per Foot17.229Wt. per 20 Ft344.58
Size in Inches2.5Wt. per Foot21.27Wt. per 20 Ft425.4
Size in Inches2.75Wt. per Foot25.737Wt. per 20 Ft514.74
Size in Inches3Wt. per Foot30.629Wt. per 20 Ft612.58
Size in Inches3.25Wt. per Foot35.944Wt. per 20 Ft718.88
Size in Inches3.5Wt. per Foot41.689Wt. per 20 Ft833.78
Size in Inches4Wt. per Foot54.451Wt. per 20 Ft1,089.02
Size in Inches4.5Wt. per Foot68.915Wt. per 20 Ft1,378.30
Size in Inches5Wt. per Foot85.08Wt. per 20 Ft1,701.60

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