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SizeLbs/FtFlange WidthWeb Thickness
Size8Lbs/Ft36Flange Width8.155Web Thickness0.445
Size10Lbs/Ft42Flange Width10.075Web Thickness0.415
SizeLbs/Ft57Flange Width10.225Web Thickness0.565
Size12Lbs/Ft53Flange Width12.045Web Thickness0.435
SizeLbs/Ft63Flange Width12.125Web Thickness0.515
SizeLbs/Ft74Flange Width12.215Web Thickness0.605
SizeLbs/Ft84Flange Width12.295Web Thickness0.685
Size14Lbs/Ft73Flange Width14.585Web Thickness0.505
SizeLbs/Ft89Flange Width14.695Web Thickness0.615
SizeLbs/Ft102Flange Width14.785Web Thickness0.705
SizeLbs/Ft117Flange Width14.885Web Thickness0.805

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