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We have a wide range of miscellaneous beams that contractors may use to support small structures and mechanical work or relieve angles.

SizeLbs/FtFlange WidthWeb Thickness
Size3Lbs/Ft2.9Flange Width2.25Web Thickness0.09
Size4Lbs/Ft3.2Flange Width2.25Web Thickness0.092
SizeLbs/Ft3.45Flange Width2.25Web Thickness0.092
SizeLbs/Ft4.08Flange Width2.25Web Thickness0.115
SizeLbs/Ft6Flange Width3.8Web Thickness0.13
Size5Lbs/Ft18.9Flange Width5.003Web Thickness0.316
Size6Lbs/Ft3.7Flange Width2Web Thickness0.098
SizeLbs/Ft4.4Flange Width1.844Web Thickness0.114
Size8Lbs/Ft6.2Flange Width2.281Web Thickness0.129
SizeLbs/Ft6.5Flange Width2.281Web Thickness0.135
Size10Lbs/Ft7.5Flange Width2.688Web Thickness0.13
SizeLbs/Ft8Flange Width2.69Web Thickness0.141
SizeLbs/Ft9Flange Width2.69Web Thickness0.157
Size12Lbs/Ft10Flange Width3.25Web Thickness0.149
SizeLbs/Ft10.8Flange Width3.065Web Thickness0.16
SizeLbs/Ft11.8Flange Width3.065Web Thickness0.177
Size12.5Lbs/Ft11.6Flange Width3.5Web Thickness0.155
SizeLbs/Ft12.4Flange Width3.75Web Thickness0.155

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