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Our Quality Schedule 80 Pipe at Eastern Steel Corporation

In the realm of construction and infrastructure, the specifics matter. From the largest girders to the tiniest screws, every component plays a critical role. A major player in this intricate ballet is the steel pipe, and understanding its schedule is paramount. Dive in with us, Eastern Steel Corporation – Brooklyn, NY’s leading distributor, as we unravel the intricacies of pipe schedule.

What is Pipe Schedule?

At its foundation, a pipe schedule is a system used to denote the thickness of a pipe’s wall. Think of it as the ‘size tag’ on your clothes, but for pipes. The thickness of a pipe has direct implications on its strength, capacity, and the fluid it can handle. Thus, comprehending the pipe schedule is essential for selecting the right pipe for your project needs.

Pipe Schedules for Construction in Brooklyn, NY

Understanding the Steel Pipe Dimensions Schedule

Steel pipe dimension schedule, often found on a pipe schedule chart, lays out the various sizes and diameters of steel pipes alongside their respective thicknesses. This chart is a pivotal tool for engineers and construction professionals to choose pipes that align with their project’s specifications and requirements. Now, you might ask, “Why is thickness important?” Imagine using a thin pipe where a thick one is needed – it might not hold up! So, the thickness ensures the pipes can handle the job they are meant for. This is why engineers and those in the construction field treasure the pipe schedule chart. It gives them a clear roadmap, ensuring they pick the right pipe to match what their project demands. So, the next time you see a building going up, remember that a simple chart played a big part in its creation!

Demystifying SCH: What does it mean for steel pipe dimensions?

You may have noticed the abbreviation ‘SCH’ while browsing pipe specifications. This stands for ‘Schedule,’ denoting the wall thickness of the pipe. Different SCH numbers represent different wall thicknesses. The higher the SCH number, the thicker the pipe wall, translating to a reduced inside diameter.

Decoding Schedule 40 and 80 Steel Pipe Dimensions

Two of the most cited pipe schedules are Schedule 40 and Schedule 80. But what do these numbers mean?

Schedule 40 Pipe

Known for its strength and durability, schedule 40 pipe is often used in water and gas lines. Its dimensions signify a wall thickness that strikes a balance between robustness and flexibility.

Schedule 80 Pipe

With thicker walls than its Schedule 40 counterpart, schedule 80 pipe offers higher pressure ratings. Ideal for industrial applications where high-pressure handling is a requirement.

Pipe Weight Class Schedule

Another key factor when understanding pipe schedule is the weight class. This metric details the weight per foot of the pipe. In most cases, as the wall thickness increases (from Schedule 40 to Schedule 80, for example), the weight of the pipe also rises, enhancing its durability and capacity to handle stress.

Describing Steel Pipe Dimensions and Size: Getting It Right

When communicating or ordering steel pipes, precision is crucial. By combining these three elements, you can clearly describe the pipe’s size, thickness, and material, ensuring you procure the correct product. Here is a simple guide on how to articulate steel pipe dimensions:


Always mention the nominal pipe size. This is the pipe’s ‘labeled’ diameter, not its actual diameter.

Schedule Number

Highlight the SCH. For instance, Schedule 40 or Schedule 80.


Specify the material, typically steel for construction purposes.

Why Partner with Eastern Steel Corporation for Your Pipe Needs in Brooklyn, NY?

Navigating the world of pipe schedules can be daunting, but with Eastern Steel Corporation, you are never alone. Here is why we stand out in the realm of pipe distribution:


With years under our belt, our expertise ensures you get the best guidance and products.

Extensive Catalog

From schedule 40 pipe dimensions to schedule 80 pipes, our vast inventory has you covered.

Value for Money

Quality does not need to strain your finances. We pride ourselves on competitive pricing without compromising on product quality.

Building the Future with the Right Pipes

In construction, your foundation’s strength determines your structures’ longevity and safety. You are laying down a robust foundation with the right pipes, guided by a proper understanding of pipe schedules. Whether you are looking at a schedule 40 pipe or schedule 80, the importance of getting it right cannot be overstated. Ready to elevate your projects with the right pipes? Dive deep into the world of pipe schedules with Eastern Steel Corporation. Contact us today, and together, let us build infrastructures that not only stand tall but also last the test of time.

Contact our steel supply company for products that add stability and value to your buildings.