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Miscellaneous Structural Steel Channels in Brooklyn, NY

Eastern Steel Corporation is a distributor, seller, and processor of miscellaneous structure steel channels in Brooklyn, New York. Every project is different, needing materials of different grades and sizes. As a distributor of structural steel products, we always have a structural steel channel that will work for your project. Even if we don’t already have a channel that suits your needs, we have a processing facility that can help shear, tap, or paint your materials before we ship them to your site.

Other Products Offered by Eastern Steel Corporation

While Eastern Steel Corporation is not a manufacturer of steel products, we specialize in selling and distributing a large inventory of steel products. Many companies choose to get all their steel materials from us for a job, saving time and money compared to the use of multiple suppliers. Let us help you with all your structural steel product needs. Some of our other steel products include

  • Beams
  • Channels
  • Tubing
  • Angles
  • Flat Bars
  • Hot Rolled Rounds
  • Hot Rolled Squares
  • Pipes
  • Sheets and Plates
  • Decking
  • Rebar
  • Moulding

Reliable Steel Products Since 1924

Structural steel beams are all about stability. As a construction manager, you need a steel distributor who is as sturdy and reliable as the stainless-steel beams themselves. We have been a thriving steel distributor for nearly a century. We have earned a name for trust and reliability by ensuring that every construction project has the supplies it needs, the moment it needs them. Our processing services are precise and performed by expert craftsmen. Our distribution services are on time and as expected. Everyone knows they can count on Eastern Steel Corporation

We can customize your structural channels for miscellaneous projects, so let us know the size and depth you need.

SizeLbs/FtFlange WidthWeb Thickness
Size3Lbs/Ft7.1Flange Width1.938Web Thickness0.312
Size4Lbs/Ft13.8Flange Width2.5Web Thickness0.5
Size6Lbs/Ft6.5Flange Width1.85Web Thickness0.155
SizeLbs/Ft7Flange Width1.875Web Thickness0.179
SizeLbs/Ft12Flange Width2.497Web Thickness0.31
SizeLbs/Ft15.1Flange Width2.941Web Thickness0.316
SizeLbs/Ft15.3Flange Width3.5Web Thickness0.34
SizeLbs/Ft16.3Flange Width3Web Thickness0.375
SizeLbs/Ft18Flange Width3.504Web Thickness0.379
Size7Lbs/Ft19.1Flange Width3.452Web Thickness0.352
SizeLbs/Ft22.7Flange Width3.603Web Thickness0.503
Size8Lbs/Ft8.5Flange Width1.874Web Thickness0.179
SizeLbs/Ft18.7Flange Width2.978Web Thickness0.353
SizeLbs/Ft20Flange Width3.025Web Thickness0.4
SizeLbs/Ft21.4Flange Width3.45Web Thickness0.375
SizeLbs/Ft22.8Flange Width3.502Web Thickness0.427
Size9Lbs/Ft23.9Flange Width3.45Web Thickness0.4
SizeLbs/Ft25.4Flange Width3.5Web Thickness0.45
Size10Lbs/Ft6.5Flange Width1.17Web Thickness0.152
SizeLbs/Ft8.4Flange Width1.5Web Thickness0.17
SizeLbs/Ft22Flange Width3.315Web Thickness0.29
SizeLbs/Ft25Flange Width3.405Web Thickness0.38
SizeLbs/Ft28.5Flange Width3.95Web Thickness0.425
SizeLbs/Ft33.6Flange Width4.1Web Thickness0.575
SizeLbs/Ft41.1Flange Width4.321Web Thickness0.796
Size12Lbs/Ft10.6Flange Width1.5Web Thickness0.19
SizeLbs/Ft14.3Flange Width2.125Web Thickness0.25
SizeLbs/Ft31Flange Width3.67Web Thickness0.37
SizeLbs/Ft35Flange Width3.765Web Thickness0.465
SizeLbs/Ft40Flange Width3.89Web Thickness0.59
SizeLbs/Ft45Flange Width4.01Web Thickness0.71
SizeLbs/Ft50Flange Width4.135Web Thickness0.835
Size13Lbs/Ft31.8Flange Width4Web Thickness0.375
SizeLbs/Ft35Flange Width4.072Web Thickness0.447
SizeLbs/Ft40Flange Width4.185Web Thickness0.56
SizeLbs/Ft50Flange Width4.412Web Thickness0.787
Size18Lbs/Ft42.7Flange Width3.95Web Thickness0.45
SizeLbs/Ft45.8Flange Width4Web Thickness0.5
SizeLbs/Ft51.9Flange Width4.1Web Thickness0.6
SizeLbs/Ft58Flange Width4.2Web Thickness0.7

Request Pricing for Your Structural Steel Channels Now

If you struggle to find a steel distributor with the miscellaneous structural steel channels you need for your construction project, let us help. We distribute, sell, and process a large inventory of structural steel products. We will make the supply of your steel support materials as seamless as it should be. We will ensure the product meets your specifications and perform any necessary processing. Then, we’ll have it delivered to your team according to schedule. Request pricing for miscellaneous structural steel beams.

Get Product Pricing Now

Product pricing changes daily due to raw material costs. Ask about our delivery and custom cutting!

Contact our steel supply company for products that add stability and value to your buildings.