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Providing Steel I-Beams in the Sizes You Need

 An I-beam’s distinctive shape allows it to carry tremendous weight and pressure without bending. It is one of the most commonly used components in construction and engineering projects because of its strength and versatility. At Eastern Steel Corporation in Brooklyn, NY, we have the skill and experience to supply I-beams in various sizes, widths, and thicknesses to match your needs. Since 1924, our local company has been making a name for itself as the premier provider of I-beams and steel product manufacturing in the northeast. Today, we carry on that tradition of service and customization to bring you affordable, custom-made construction materials you can count on. We invite you to join our growing business family and discover the fabricated I-beams on the market. Contact us today for specific information or to place your personalized I-beam order.

A standard I-beam comprises structural steel to support all types of buildings, but primarily residential construction. Its unique design helps prevent failure under pressure.

SizeLbs/FtFlange WidthWeb Thickness
Size3Lbs/Ft5.7Flange Width2.33Web Thickness0.17
SizeLbs/Ft7.5Flange Width2.509Web Thickness0.349
Size4Lbs/Ft7.7Flange Width2.663Web Thickness0.193
SizeLbs/Ft9.5Flange Width2.796Web Thickness0.326
Size5Lbs/Ft10Flange Width3.004Web Thickness0.214
Size6Lbs/Ft12.5Flange Width3.332Web Thickness0.232
SizeLbs/Ft17.25Flange Width3.565Web Thickness0.465
Size8Lbs/Ft18.4Flange Width4.001Web Thickness0.271
SizeLbs/Ft23Flange Width4.171Web Thickness0.441
Size10Lbs/Ft25.4Flange Width4.661Web Thickness0.311
SizeLbs/Ft35Flange Width4.944Web Thickness0.594
Size12Lbs/Ft31.8Flange Width5Web Thickness0.35
SizeLbs/Ft35Flange Width5.078Web Thickness0.428
SizeLbs/Ft40.8Flange Width5.252Web Thickness0.462
SizeLbs/Ft50Flange Width5.477Web Thickness0.687
Size15Lbs/Ft42.9Flange Width5.501Web Thickness0.411
SizeLbs/Ft50Flange Width5.64Web Thickness0.55
Size18Lbs/Ft54.7Flange Width6.001Web Thickness0.461
SizeLbs/Ft70Flange Width6.251Web Thickness0.711
Size20Lbs/Ft66Flange Width6.255Web Thickness0.505
SizeLbs/Ft75Flange Width6.385Web Thickness0.635
SizeLbs/Ft86Flange Width7.06Web Thickness0.66
SizeLbs/Ft96Flange Width7.2Web Thickness0.8
Size24Lbs/Ft80Flange Width7Web Thickness0.5
SizeLbs/Ft90Flange Width7.125Web Thickness0.625
SizeLbs/Ft100Flange Width7.245Web Thickness0.745
SizeLbs/Ft106Flange Width7.87Web Thickness0.62
SizeLbs/Ft121Flange Width8.05Web Thickness0.8

What Are I-Beams?

The standard I-beam is a fabricated steel bar with a unique “I” or “H” shaped cross-section. It is one of the most efficient pieces of construction and engineering material available today, as it is ideal for carrying loads without experiencing any bending or deformation. The horizontal portions of an I-beam are known as the flanges, while the vertical is called the web. While traditionally made of rolled steel (a process invented in France in the late 1840s), today’s I-beams generally are constructed with welded flanges and webs for better strength and stability. Additionally, due to modern advances in fabrication processes, I-beams can now be formed out of aluminum as well. Contact the Eastern Steel Corporation today to learn more about our unique I-beam offers.

What Are I-Beams Used For?

I-beams play an essential role in a variety of building, construction, and civil engineering projects. Their unmatched structural strength provides superior load-bearing capabilities, while the thickness of the I-beam can be customized to suit almost any job. I-beams can be used as beams or columns, depending on their fabrication standards, and maybe custom fabricated in many different sizes, lengths, and specifications. When choosing the right I-beam for your project, it is vital to consider the applied force, the potential weight being carried over time, the tension the beam will experience, and compression forces. Smaller I-beams are typically used for jobs where the weight and pressure will be minimal, while larger I-beams serve in a primary support role for the largest amounts of structural weight. It is also important to have a clear picture of your desired I-beam dimensions, including measurements for size, weight per foot, web thickness, flange width, and flange thickness. Our talented experts here at the Eastern Steel Corporation can walk you through all of your options and find the best I-beam specs for your unique needs. Contact us today to learn more.

The Versatility of I-Beams

In the U.S., wide flange I-beams (w-beams) are among the most common steel beam types used in construction. These beam types have almost parallel flanges, which lends structural stability to the piece. However, each type of I-beam has its specification and relevant standards for yield strength. These factors can also determine the appropriate steel beam for your project and provide insight into the beam’s versatility and dependability. Let us take some time to review these standards:

American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) A36

This standard specification for carbon structural steel covers most shapes that can be riveted, bolted, or welded for construction projects, including bridges and buildings. A36 has a yield strength of about 36,000 psi (250 MPa).


Very similar to the A36, this specification is also used for riveted, bolted, or welded materials in bridge and building construction. The difference is this spec works well in situations where savings in weight or durability are of the utmost importance. A588 has better atmospheric corrosion resistance and a common yield strength between 42,000 – 60,000 psi (290 – 410 MPa).


A992 is the ideal specification for building framing. Covering rolled shapes for use in building and bridge framing, A992 has a yield strength of about 50,000 – 65,000 psi (340-450 MPa).


A709 covers shapes and bars made from carbon, and high-strength, low-alloy materials. This specification is generally available in four different yield strengths and works well in bridge construction.


A572 is the ideal specification for high-strength, low-alloy structural steel. It covers five different grades of shapes in this category and works well in construction applications. Like A588, A572 has a yield strength of approximately 50,000 psi (340 MPa).

What Are the Advantages of I-Beams?

 I-beams are incorporated into building and engineering projects every day across the globe. They offer builders and contractors a bevy of helpful advantages to make their structures stronger and more durable, year after year. Some of the most common benefits of I-beams include:

  • Pressure Resistance: I-beams are fabricated to withstand tremendous pressure from structures. This excellent pressure resistance makes buildings, bridges, and other structures more sound and offers enhanced structural integrity to stand the test of time.
  • Customized Strength: I-beams can be fabricated to your unique specifications. This means that their second moments of the area can be higher, making them stiffer regarding their cross-sectional area. This fact translates to enhanced strength that is relative to the material and weight of your construction project.
  • Shape Resilience: I-beams are known for their efficiency when carrying shearing and bending loads in the plane of their webs. This attribute provides a versatile strength with a minimum of weight compared to other building materials and an intrinsic ability to resist the enormous loads placed on them.

Why Choose the Eastern Steel Corporation for I-Beams?

The Eastern Steel Corporation has been in business for almost 100 years. In that time, our fabrication experts have helped thousands of commercial clients, builders, and contractors custom fabricate the I-beam building materials they need. We work with you from design to delivery, incorporating your unique design needs into the steel, and offer the strongest, most dependable steel product and steel services you will find. Our commitment to our customers means you get access to the finest materials, methods, and knowledgeable personnel for your project and the resources you need to make your build a complete success. Contact us to learn more about everything our company can provide.

Contact the Eastern Steel Corporation for Premier Steel I-Beams in New York

When you need top-quality steel beams for your engineering or construction endeavor, make the Eastern Steel Corporation your premier provider. Our experts will custom make the I-beams you want, according to your design and application, and give your structures the strength and durability you expect from the best. Contact us today to get started.

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