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Wide Flange Beams by Eastern Steel Corporation

Wide flange beams get their name from their shape. The pieces that are parallel to each other are called flanges. These flanges are wider than standard I-beams, making for the name of wide flange beam. The space between the flanges is the web. These distinctively shaped beams are also known as H beams due to their shape. These beams are most effective for carrying massive loads of weight without bending. Eastern Steel Corporation provides a wide array of different lengths of wide flange beams for your next construction project in New York.

How Are H Beams Used?

Wide flange beams are great for structural support because they can withstand excessive amounts of pressure without bending. This ensures the structural integrity and stability of your building. There are many different types of thicknesses of the wide flange beam. This helps you determine the type of job it is best suited for. These are important numbers to consider due to the amount of force that is going to be applied to it, the weight it will carry, and the tension and compression it will go through. Smaller sizes are better suited for jobs where the weight and pressure will be minimal, where larger and thicker sizes beat massive amounts of weight in the structure.

Different Specifications

Like all construction materials, wide flange beams have different specifications depending on your needs. These can vary depending on structural quality in riveted, bolted, or welded construction of bridges or buildings. Other types have different yield strengths.

Why Eastern Steel Corporation

Eastern Steel Corporation has been proudly serving NYC for decades. Our experience, knowledge, and dedication make us one of the best companies in the city to purchase construction materials from. If you have any questions about what type of beams you need for a project, contact our team. We have a wide range of possibilities due to your needs and can fulfill your order around your schedule. H beams have a wide range of construction uses, including home construction, commercial construction, truck bed framing, machine bases, mezzanines, platforms, bridges, and more. Contact us today for pricing and additional information.

Eastern Steel Corporation provides wide flange beams of all sizes, depths, widths, and thicknesses. These steel products feature a distinctive H shape and are known to bear extreme amounts of pressure while still providing structural integrity.

SizeLbs/FtDepth of SelectionFlange WidthWeb Thickness
Size4Lbs/Ft13Depth of Selection4.16Flange Width4.06Web Thickness0.28
Size5Lbs/Ft16Depth of Selection5.01Flange Width5Web Thickness0.24
SizeLbs/Ft19Depth of Selection5.15Flange Width5.03Web Thickness0.27
Size6Lbs/Ft8.5Depth of Selection5.83Flange Width3.94Web Thickness0.17
SizeLbs/Ft9Depth of Selection5.9Flange Width3.94Web Thickness0.17
SizeLbs/Ft12Depth of Selection6.03Flange Width4Web Thickness0.23
Size6Lbs/Ft16Depth of Selection6.28Flange Width4.03Web Thickness0.26
SizeLbs/Ft15Depth of Selection5.99Flange Width5.99Web Thickness0.23
SizeLbs/Ft20Depth of Selection6.2Flange Width6.02Web Thickness0.26
SizeLbs/Ft25Depth of Selection6.38Flange Width6.08Web Thickness0.32
Size8Lbs/Ft10Depth of Selection7.89Flange Width3.94Web Thickness0.17
SizeLbs/Ft13Depth of Selection7.99Flange Width4Web Thickness0.23
SizeLbs/Ft15Depth of Selection8.11Flange Width4.015Web Thickness0.245
SizeLbs/Ft18Depth of Selection8.14 Flange Width5.25 Web Thickness0.23
SizeLbs/Ft21Depth of Selection8.28 Flange Width5.27 Web Thickness0.25
SizeLbs/Ft24Depth of Selection7.93 Flange Width6.495 Web Thickness0.245
SizeLbs/Ft28Depth of Selection8.06 Flange Width6.535 Web Thickness0.285
SizeLbs/Ft31Depth of Selection8 Flange Width7.995 Web Thickness0.285
SizeLbs/Ft35Depth of Selection8.12 Flange Width8.02 Web Thickness0.31
SizeLbs/Ft40 Depth of Selection8.25 Flange Width8.07 Web Thickness0.36
SizeLbs/Ft48 Depth of Selection8.5 Flange Width8.11 Web Thickness0.4
SizeLbs/Ft58 Depth of Selection8.75 Flange Width8.22 Web Thickness0.51
SizeLbs/Ft67Depth of Selection9Flange Width8.28Web Thickness0.57
Size10 Lbs/Ft12Depth of Selection9.87Flange Width3.96Web Thickness0.19
SizeLbs/Ft15Depth of Selection9.99Flange Width4Web Thickness0.23
SizeLbs/Ft17Depth of Selection10.11Flange Width4.01Web Thickness0.24
SizeLbs/Ft19Depth of Selection10.24 Flange Width4.02 Web Thickness0.25
SizeLbs/Ft22 Depth of Selection10.17 Flange Width5.75 Web Thickness0.24
SizeLbs/Ft26 Depth of Selection10.33 Flange Width5.77 Web Thickness0.26
SizeLbs/Ft30 Depth of Selection10.47 Flange Width5.81 Web Thickness0.3
SizeLbs/Ft33 Depth of Selection9.73 Flange Width7.96 Web Thickness0.29
SizeLbs/Ft39Depth of Selection9.92 Flange Width7.985 Web Thickness0.315
SizeLbs/Ft45 Depth of Selection10.1 Flange Width8.02 Web Thickness0.35
SizeLbs/Ft49 Depth of Selection9.98 Flange Width10 Web Thickness0.34
SizeLbs/Ft54 Depth of Selection10.09 Flange Width10.303 Web Thickness0.37
SizeLbs/Ft60Depth of Selection10.22 Flange Width10.08 Web Thickness0.42
SizeLbs/Ft68 Depth of Selection10.4 Flange Width10.13 Web Thickness0.47
SizeLbs/Ft77 Depth of Selection10.66 Flange Width10.19 Web Thickness0.53
SizeLbs/Ft88 Depth of Selection10.84 Flange Width10.265 Web Thickness0.605
SizeLbs/Ft100 Depth of Selection11.1 Flange Width10.34 Web Thickness0.68
SizeLbs/Ft112 Depth of Selection11.36 Flange Width10.415 Web Thickness0.755
Size12 Lbs/Ft14 Depth of Selection11.91 Flange Width3.97 Web Thickness0.2
SizeLbs/Ft16 Depth of Selection11.99 Flange Width3.99 Web Thickness0.22
SizeLbs/Ft19 Depth of Selection12.16 Flange Width4.005 Web Thickness0.235
SizeLbs/Ft22 Depth of Selection12.31 Flange Width4.03 Web Thickness0.26
SizeLbs/Ft26 Depth of Selection12.22 Flange Width6.49 Web Thickness0.23
SizeLbs/Ft30 Depth of Selection12.34 Flange Width6.52 Web Thickness0.26
SizeLbs/Ft35 Depth of Selection12.5 Flange Width6.56 Web Thickness0.3
SizeLbs/Ft40 Depth of Selection11.94 Flange Width8.005 Web Thickness0.295
SizeLbs/Ft45 Depth of Selection12.06 Flange Width8.045 Web Thickness0.335
SizeLbs/Ft50 Depth of Selection12.19 Flange Width8.08 Web Thickness0.37
SizeLbs/Ft53 Depth of Selection12.06 Flange Width9.995 Web Thickness0.345
SizeLbs/Ft58 Depth of Selection12.19 Flange Width10.01 Web Thickness0.36
Size12 Lbs/Ft65 Depth of Selection12.12 Flange Width12 Web Thickness0.39
SizeLbs/Ft72 Depth of Selection12.25 Flange Width12.04 Web Thickness0.43
SizeLbs/Ft79 Depth of Selection12.38 Flange Width12.08 Web Thickness0.47
SizeLbs/Ft87 Depth of Selection12.53 Flange Width12.125 Web Thickness0.515
SizeLbs/Ft96 Depth of Selection12.71 Flange Width12.16 Web Thickness0.55
SizeLbs/Ft106 Depth of Selection12.89 Flange Width12.22 Web Thickness0.61
SizeLbs/Ft120 Depth of Selection13.12 Flange Width12.32 Web Thickness0.71
SizeLbs/Ft136 Depth of Selection13.41 Flange Width12.4 Web Thickness0.79
SizeLbs/Ft152 Depth of Selection13.71 Flange Width12.48 Web Thickness0.87
SizeLbs/Ft170 Depth of Selection14.03 Flange Width12.57 Web Thickness0.96
SizeLbs/Ft190 Depth of Selection14.38 Flange Width12.67 Web Thickness1.06
SizeLbs/Ft210 Depth of Selection14.71 Flange Width12.79 Web Thickness1.18
SizeLbs/Ft230 Depth of Selection15.05 Flange Width12.895 Web Thickness1.285
SizeLbs/Ft252 Depth of Selection15.41 Flange Width13.005 Web Thickness1.395
SizeLbs/Ft279 Depth of Selection15.85 Flange Width13.14 Web Thickness1.53
SizeLbs/Ft305 Depth of Selection16.32 Flange Width12.235 Web Thickness1.625
SizeLbs/Ft336 Depth of Selection16.82 Flange Width13.385 Web Thickness1.775
Size14 Lbs/Ft22 Depth of Selection13.74 Flange Width5 Web Thickness0.23
SizeLbs/Ft26 Depth of Selection13.91 Flange Width5.025 Web Thickness0.255
SizeLbs/Ft30 Depth of Selection13.84 Flange Width6.73 Web Thickness0.27
SizeLbs/Ft34 Depth of Selection13.98 Flange Width6.745 Web Thickness0.285
SizeLbs/Ft38 Depth of Selection14.1 Flange Width6.77 Web Thickness0.31
SizeLbs/Ft43 Depth of Selection13.66 Flange Width7.995 Web Thickness0.305
SizeLbs/Ft48 Depth of Selection13.79 Flange Width13.79 Web Thickness0.34
SizeLbs/Ft53 Depth of Selection13.92 Flange Width8.06 Web Thickness0.37
SizeLbs/Ft61 Depth of Selection13.89 Flange Width9.995 Web Thickness0.375
SizeLbs/Ft68 Depth of Selection14.04 Flange Width10.035 Web Thickness0.415
SizeLbs/Ft74 Depth of Selection14.17 Flange Width10.07 Web Thickness0.45
SizeLbs/Ft82 Depth of Selection14.31 Flange Width10.13 Web Thickness0.51
SizeLbs/Ft90 Depth of Selection14.02 Flange Width14.52 Web Thickness0.44
SizeLbs/Ft99 Depth of Selection14.16 Flange Width14.565 Web Thickness0.485
SizeLbs/Ft109 Depth of Selection14.32 Flange Width14.605 Web Thickness0.525
SizeLbs/Ft120 Depth of Selection14.48 Flange Width14.67 Web Thickness0.59
SizeLbs/Ft132 Depth of Selection14.66 Flange Width14.725 Web Thickness0.645
Size14Lbs/Ft145Depth of Selection14.78Flange Width15.5Web Thickness0.68
SizeLbs/Ft159Depth of Selection14.98Flange Width15.565Web Thickness0.745
SizeLbs/Ft176Depth of Selection15.22Flange Width15.65Web Thickness0.83
SizeLbs/Ft193 Depth of Selection15.48 Flange Width15.71 Web Thickness0.89
SizeLbs/Ft211 Depth of Selection15.72 Flange Width15.8 Web Thickness0.98
SizeLbs/Ft233 Depth of Selection16.04 Flange Width15.89 Web Thickness1.07
SizeLbs/Ft257 Depth of Selection16.38 Flange Width15.995 Web Thickness1.175
SizeLbs/Ft283 Depth of Selection16.74 Flange Width16.11 Web Thickness1.29
SizeLbs/Ft311 Depth of Selection17.12 Flange Width16.23 Web Thickness1.41
SizeLbs/Ft342 Depth of Selection17.54 Flange Width16.36 Web Thickness1.54
SizeLbs/Ft370 Depth of Selection17.92 Flange Width16.475 Web Thickness1.655
SizeLbs/Ft398 Depth of Selection18.29 Flange Width16.59 Web Thickness1.77
SizeLbs/Ft426 Depth of Selection18.67 Flange Width16.695 Web Thickness1.875
SizeLbs/Ft455 Depth of Selection19.02 Flange Width16.835 Web Thickness2.015
SizeLbs/Ft500 Depth of Selection19.6 Flange Width17.01 Web Thickness2.19
SizeLbs/Ft550 Depth of Selection20.24 Flange Width17.2 Web Thickness2.38
SizeLbs/Ft605 Depth of Selection20.92 Flange Width17.415 Web Thickness2.595
SizeLbs/Ft665 Depth of Selection21.64 Flange Width17.65 Web Thickness2.83
SizeLbs/Ft730 Depth of Selection22.42 Flange Width17.89 Web Thickness3.07
Size16Lbs/Ft26 Depth of Selection15.69 Flange Width5.5 Web Thickness0.25
SizeLbs/Ft31 Depth of Selection15.88 Flange Width5.525 Web Thickness0.275
SizeLbs/Ft36 Depth of Selection15.86 Flange Width6.985 Web Thickness0.295
SizeLbs/Ft40 Depth of Selection16.01 Flange Width6.995 Web Thickness0.305
SizeLbs/Ft45 Depth of Selection16.13 Flange Width7.035 Web Thickness0.345
SizeLbs/Ft50 Depth of Selection16.26 Flange Width7.01 Web Thickness0.38
SizeLbs/Ft57 Depth of Selection16.43 Flange Width7.12 Web Thickness0.43
SizeLbs/Ft67 Depth of Selection16.33 Flange Width10.235 Web Thickness0.395
SizeLbs/Ft77 Depth of Selection16.52 Flange Width10.295 Web Thickness0.455
SizeLbs/Ft89 Depth of Selection16.75 Flange Width10.365 Web Thickness0.525
SizeLbs/Ft100 Depth of Selection16.97 Flange Width10.425 Web Thickness0.585
Size18Lbs/Ft35 Depth of Selection17.7 Flange Width6 Web Thickness0.3
SizeLbs/Ft40 Depth of Selection17.9 Flange Width6.015 Web Thickness0.315
SizeLbs/Ft46 Depth of Selection18.06 Flange Width6.06 Web Thickness0.36
SizeLbs/Ft50 Depth of Selection17.99 Flange Width7.495 Web Thickness0.355
SizeLbs/Ft55 Depth of Selection18.11 Flange Width7.53 Web Thickness0.39
SizeLbs/Ft60 Depth of Selection18.24 Flange Width7.555 Web Thickness0.415
SizeLbs/Ft65 Depth of Selection18.35 Flange Width7.59 Web Thickness0.45
SizeLbs/Ft71 Depth of Selection18.47 Flange Width7.635 Web Thickness0.495
SizeLbs/Ft76 Depth of Selection18.21 Flange Width11.035 Web Thickness0.425
SizeLbs/Ft86 Depth of Selection18.39 Flange Width11.09 Web Thickness0.48
SizeLbs/Ft97 Depth of Selection18.59 Flange Width11.145 Web Thickness0.535
SizeLbs/Ft106 Depth of Selection18.73 Flange Width11.2 Web Thickness0.59
SizeLbs/Ft119 Depth of Selection18.97 Flange Width11.265 Web Thickness0.655
SizeLbs/Ft130 Depth of Selection19.25 Flange Width11.16 Web Thickness0.67
SizeLbs/Ft143 Depth of Selection19.49 Flange Width11.22 Web Thickness0.73
SizeLbs/Ft158 Depth of Selection19.72 Flange Width11.3 Web Thickness0.81
SizeLbs/Ft175 Depth of Selection20.04 Flange Width11.375 Web Thickness0.89
SizeLbs/Ft192 Depth of Selection20.35 Flange Width11.455 Web Thickness0.96
SizeLbs/Ft211 Depth of Selection20.67 Flange Width11.555 Web Thickness1.06
SizeLbs/Ft234 Depth of Selection21.06 Flange Width11.65 Web Thickness1.16
SizeLbs/Ft258 Depth of Selection21.46 Flange Width11.77 Web Thickness1.28
SizeLbs/Ft283 Depth of Selection21.85 Flange Width11.89 Web Thickness1.4
SizeLbs/Ft311 Depth of Selection22.32 Flange Width12.005 Web Thickness1.52
Size21Lbs/Ft44 Depth of Selection20.66 Flange Width6.5 Web Thickness0.35
SizeLbs/Ft50 Depth of Selection20.83 Flange Width6.53 Web Thickness0.38
SizeLbs/Ft57 Depth of Selection21.06 Flange Width6.555 Web Thickness0.405
Size21Lbs/Ft48 Depth of Selection20.62 Flange Width8.14 Web Thickness0.35
SizeLbs/Ft55 Depth of Selection20.8 Flange Width8.22 Web Thickness0.375
SizeLbs/Ft62 Depth of Selection20.99 Flange Width8.24 Web Thickness0.4
SizeLbs/Ft68 Depth of Selection21.13 Flange Width8.27 Web Thickness0.43
SizeLbs/Ft73 Depth of Selection21.24 Flange Width8.295 Web Thickness0.455
SizeLbs/Ft83 Depth of Selection21.43 Flange Width8.355 Web Thickness0.515
SizeLbs/Ft93 Depth of Selection21.62 Flange Width8.42 Web Thickness0.58
SizeLbs/Ft101 Depth of Selection21.36 Flange Width12.29 Web Thickness0.5
SizeLbs/Ft111 Depth of Selection21.51 Flange Width12.34 Web Thickness0.55
SizeLbs/Ft122 Depth of Selection21.68 Flange Width12.39 Web Thickness0.6
SizeLbs/Ft132 Depth of Selection21.83 Flange Width12.44 Web Thickness0.65
SizeLbs/Ft147 Depth of Selection22.06 Flange Width12.51 Web Thickness0.72
SizeLbs/Ft166 Depth of Selection22.48 Flange Width12.42 Web Thickness0.75
SizeLbs/Ft182 Depth of Selection22.72 Flange Width12.5 Web Thickness0.83
SizeLbs/Ft201 Depth of Selection23.03 Flange Width12.575 Web Thickness0.91
Size24Lbs/Ft55 Depth of Selection23.57 Flange Width7.005 Web Thickness0.395
SizeLbs/Ft62 Depth of Selection23.74 Flange Width7.04 Web Thickness0.43
SizeLbs/Ft68 Depth of Selection23.73 Flange Width8.965 Web Thickness0.415
SizeLbs/Ft76 Depth of Selection23.92 Flange Width8.99 Web Thickness0.44
SizeLbs/Ft84 Depth of Selection24.1 Flange Width9.02 Web Thickness0.47
SizeLbs/Ft94 Depth of Selection24.31 Flange Width9.065 Web Thickness0.515
SizeLbs/Ft103 Depth of Selection24.53 Flange Width9 Web Thickness0.55
SizeLbs/Ft104 Depth of Selection24.06 Flange Width12.75 Web Thickness0.5
SizeLbs/Ft117 Depth of Selection24.26 Flange Width12.8 Web Thickness0.55
SizeLbs/Ft131 Depth of Selection24.48 Flange Width12.855 Web Thickness0.605
SizeLbs/Ft146 Depth of Selection24.74 Flange Width12.9 Web Thickness0.65
SizeLbs/Ft162 Depth of Selection25 Flange Width12.955 Web Thickness0.705
SizeLbs/Ft176 Depth of Selection25.24 Flange Width12.89 Web Thickness0.75
SizeLbs/Ft192 Depth of Selection25.47 Flange Width12.95 Web Thickness0.81
SizeLbs/Ft207 Depth of Selection25.71 Flange Width13.01 Web Thickness0.87
SizeLbs/Ft229 Depth of Selection26.02 Flange Width13.11 Web Thickness0.96
SizeLbs/Ft250 Depth of Selection26.34 Flange Width13.185 Web Thickness1.04
SizeLbs/Ft279 Depth of Selection26.73 Flange Width13.305 Web Thickness1.16
SizeLbs/Ft306 Depth of Selection27.13 Flange Width13.405 Web Thickness1.26
SizeLbs/Ft335 Depth of Selection27.52 Flange Width13.52 Web Thickness1.38
SizeLbs/Ft370 Depth of Selection27.99 Flange Width13.66 Web Thickness1.52
Size27Lbs/Ft84 Depth of Selection26.71 Flange Width9.96 Web Thickness0.46
SizeLbs/Ft94 Depth of Selection26.92 Flange Width9.99 Web Thickness9.99
SizeLbs/Ft102Depth of Selection27.09 Flange Width10.015 Web Thickness0.515
SizeLbs/Ft114 Depth of Selection27.29 Flange Width10.07 Web Thickness0.57
SizeLbs/Ft129 Depth of Selection27.63 Flange Width10.01 Web Thickness0.61
SizeLbs/Ft146 Depth of Selection27.38 Flange Width13.965 Web Thickness0.605
SizeLbs/Ft161 Depth of Selection27.59 Flange Width14.02 Web Thickness0.66
SizeLbs/Ft178 Depth of Selection27.81 Flange Width14.085 Web Thickness0.725
SizeLbs/Ft194 Depth of Selection28.11 Flange Width14.035 Web Thickness0.75
SizeLbs/Ft217 Depth of Selection28.43Flange Width14.115 Web Thickness0.83
SizeLbs/Ft235 Depth of Selection28.66 Flange Width14.19 Web Thickness0.91
SizeLbs/Ft258 Depth of Selection28.98 Flange Width14.27 Web Thickness0.98
SizeLbs/Ft281 Depth of Selection29.29 Flange Width14.35 Web Thickness1.06
SizeLbs/Ft307 Depth of Selection29.61 Flange Width14.445 Web Thickness1.16
SizeLbs/Ft336 Depth of Selection30 Flange Width14.55 Web Thickness1.26
SizeLbs/Ft368 Depth of Selection30.39 Flange Width14.665 Web Thickness1.38
Size30 Lbs/Ft90 Depth of Selection29.53 Flange Width10.4 Web Thickness0.47
SizeLbs/Ft99 Depth of Selection29.65 Flange Width10.45 Web Thickness0.52
SizeLbs/Ft108 Depth of Selection29.83 Flange Width10.475 Web Thickness0.545
SizeLbs/Ft116 Depth of Selection30.01 Flange Width10.495 Web Thickness0.565
SizeLbs/Ft124 Depth of Selection30.17 Flange Width10.515 Web Thickness0.585
SizeLbs/Ft132 Depth of Selection30.31 Flange Width10.545 Web Thickness0.615
SizeLbs/Ft148 Depth of Selection30.67 Flange Width10.48 Web Thickness0.65
SizeLbs/Ft173 Depth of Selection30.44 Flange Width14.985 Web Thickness0.655
SizeLbs/Ft191 Depth of Selection30.68 Flange Width15.04 Web Thickness0.71
SizeLbs/Ft211 Depth of Selection30.94 Flange Width15.105 Web Thickness0.755
SizeLbs/Ft235 Depth of Selection31.3 Flange Width15.055 Web Thickness0.83
SizeLbs/Ft261 Depth of Selection31.61 Flange Width15.155 Web Thickness0.93
SizeLbs/Ft292 Depth of Selection32.01 Flange Width15.255 Web Thickness1.02
SizeLbs/Ft326 Depth of Selection32.4 Flange Width15.37 Web Thickness1.14
SizeLbs/Ft357 Depth of Selection32.8 Flange Width15.47 Web Thickness1.24
SizeLbs/Ft391 Depth of Selection33.19 Flange Width15.59 Web Thickness1.36
Size33Lbs/Ft118 Depth of Selection32.86 Flange Width11.48 Web Thickness0.55
SizeLbs/Ft130 Depth of Selection33.09 Flange Width11.51 Web Thickness0.58
SizeLbs/Ft141 Depth of Selection33.3 Flange Width11.535 Web Thickness0.605
SizeLbs/Ft152 Depth of Selection33.49 Flange Width11.565 Web Thickness0.635
SizeLbs/Ft169 Depth of Selection33.82 Flange Width11.5 Web Thickness0.67
SizeLbs/Ft201 Depth of Selection33.68 Flange Width15.745 Web Thickness0.715
SizeLbs/Ft221 Depth of Selection33.93 Flange Width15.805 Web Thickness0.775
SizeLbs/Ft241 Depth of Selection34.18 Flange Width15.86 Web Thickness0.83
SizeLbs/Ft263 Depth of Selection34.53 Flange Width15.805 Web Thickness0.87
SizeLbs/Ft291 Depth of Selection34.84 Flange Width15.905 Web Thickness0.96
SizeLbs/Ft318 Depth of Selection35.16 Flange Width15.985 Web Thickness1.04
SizeLbs/Ft354 Depth of Selection35.55 Flange Width16.1 Web Thickness1.16
SizeLbs/Ft387 Depth of Selection35.95 Flange Width16.2 Web Thickness1.26
Size36 Lbs/Ft135 Depth of Selection35.55 Flange Width11.95 Web Thickness0.6
SizeLbs/Ft150 Depth of Selection35.85 Flange Width11.975 Web Thickness0.625
SizeLbs/Ft160 Depth of Selection36.01 Flange Width12 Web Thickness0.65
SizeLbs/Ft170 Depth of Selection36.17 Flange Width12.03 Web Thickness0.68
SizeLbs/Ft182 Depth of Selection36.33 Flange Width12.075 Web Thickness0.725
SizeLbs/Ft194 Depth of Selection36.49 Flange Width12.115 Web Thickness0.765
SizeLbs/Ft210 Depth of Selection36.69 Flange Width12.18 Web Thickness0.83
SizeLbs/Ft232 Depth of Selection37.12 Flange Width12.12 Web Thickness0.87
SizeLbs/Ft256 Depth of Selection37.43 Flange Width12.215 Web Thickness0.96
Size36 Lbs/Ft231 Depth of Selection36.49 Flange Width16.47 Web Thickness0.76
SizeLbs/Ft247 Depth of Selection36.67 Flange Width16.51 Web Thickness0.8
SizeLbs/Ft262 Depth of Selection36.85 Flange Width16.55 Web Thickness0.84
SizeLbs/Ft282 Depth of Selection37.11 Flange Width16.595 Web Thickness0.885
SizeLbs/Ft302 Depth of Selection37.33 Flange Width16.655 Web Thickness0.945
SizeLbs/Ft330 Depth of Selection37.67 Flange Width16.63 Web Thickness1.02
SizeLbs/Ft361 Depth of Selection37.99 Flange Width16.73 Web Thickness1.12
SizeLbs/Ft395 Depth of Selection38.37 Flange Width16.83 Web Thickness1.22
SizeLbs/Ft441 Depth of Selection38.85 Flange Width16.965 Web Thickness1.36
SizeLbs/Ft487 Depth of Selection39.33 Flange Width17.105 Web Thickness1.5
SizeLbs/Ft529 Depth of Selection39.79 Flange Width17.22 Web Thickness1.61
SizeLbs/Ft652 Depth of Selection41.05 Flange Width17.575 Web Thickness1.97
Size40 Lbs/Ft 149 Depth of Selection38.2 Flange Width11.81 Web Thickness0.63
SizeLbs/Ft167 Depth of Selection38.59 Flange Width11.81 Web Thickness0.65
SizeLbs/Ft183 Depth of Selection38.98 Flange Width11.81 Web Thickness0.65
SizeLbs/Ft211 Depth of Selection39.37 Flange Width11.81 Web Thickness0.75
SizeLbs/Ft235 Depth of Selection39.69 Flange Width11.89 Web Thickness0.83
SizeLbs/Ft264 Depth of Selection40 Flange Width11.93 Web Thickness0.96
SizeLbs/Ft278 Depth of Selection40.16 Flange Width11.97 Web Thickness1.025
SizeLbs/Ft294 Depth of Selection40.39 Flange Width12.01 Web Thickness1.06
SizeLbs/Ft327 Depth of Selection40.79 Flange Width12.13 Web Thickness1.18
SizeLbs/Ft331 Depth of Selection40.79 Flange Width12.165 Web Thickness1.22
SizeLbs/Ft392 Depth of Selection41.57 Flange Width12.36 Web Thickness1.415
Size40Lbs/Ft199 Depth of Selection38.67 Flange Width15.75 Web Thickness0.65
SizeLbs/Ft215 Depth of Selection38.98 Flange Width15.75 Web Thickness0.65
SizeLbs/Ft249 Depth of Selection39.38 Flange Width15.75 Web Thickness0.75
SizeLbs/Ft277 Depth of Selection39.69 Flange Width15.83 Web Thickness0.83
SizeLbs/Ft297 Depth of Selection39.84 Flange Width15.825 Web Thickness0.93
SizeLbs/Ft324 Depth of Selection40.16 Flange Width15.91 Web Thickness1
SizeLbs/Ft362 Depth of Selection40.55 Flange Width16.02 Web Thickness1.12
SizeLbs/Ft372 Depth of Selection40.63 Flange Width16.065 Web Thickness1.16
SizeLbs/Ft397 Depth of Selection40.95 Flange Width16.12 Web Thickness1.22
SizeLbs/Ft431 Depth of Selection41.26 Flange Width16.22 Web Thickness1.34
SizeLbs/Ft503 Depth of Selection42.05 Flange Width16.415 Web Thickness1.535
SizeLbs/Ft593 Depth of Selection42.99 Flange Width16.69 Web Thickness1.79
Size44 Lbs/Ft230 Depth of Selection42.91 Flange Width15.75 Web Thickness0.71
SizeLbs/Ft262 Depth of Selection43.31 Flange Width15.75 Web Thickness0.785
SizeLbs/Ft290 Depth of Selection43.62 Flange Width15.825 Web Thickness0.865
SizeLbs/Ft335 Depth of Selection44.02 Flange Width15.945 Web Thickness1.025

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