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Find Perfect Beam Sizes at Eastern Steel Corporation

Located in the bustling center of Brooklyn, NY, Eastern Steel Corporation stands tall as a top distributor in the world of steel. Over the years, we have earned the trust and respect from many because of the high-quality products we offer. One product that stands out from the rest are wide flange beams. Behind these architectural marvels lies the science and strength of wide flange beams. These beams are the unsung heroes, providing stability to mega structures and ensuring they stand tall against time and elements. As you embark on this journey to understand them better, remember one name that stands out in this domain: Eastern Steel Corporation. With our expertise, we bring the best of these beams to your projects, ensuring durability and resilience.

Structural Wide Flange Beam in Brooklyn, NY

What are Wide Flange Beams?

At the most basic, wide flange beams are structural steel components shaped like an “H”. But what sets them apart from other steel beams? It is their broader profile or ‘flange’. The design ensures they provide a larger surface area, making them especially robust and resilient to bending movements. When you think of big buildings or bridges that stand sturdy and strong, remember that wide flange beams from Eastern Steel Corporation might be holding them up!

How Are H Beams Used?

Commonly referred to as “H beams” because of their shape, they play a pivotal role in the construction and civil engineering sectors. Their applications are vast, including:

Building Frames

Their strength allows for the creation of taller, more stable structures.


Their resistance to bending is ideal for enduring the weight and movement of vehicular traffic.


As foundational elements that provide support and balance.

General Infrastructure Projects

Anywhere robust, long-lasting support is required.

Different Specifications of Steel Wide Flange Beams

Now, when you delve deeper into wide flange beams, you will encounter various specifications. These refer to the diverse wide flange beam dimensions that suit different project needs. Specifications detail the size, width, thickness, and other essential measurements. Whether you need a beam for a residential project or a large-scale infrastructure endeavor, it is imperative to choose the right specifications.

How to Identify Wide Flange Beam Sizes?

A common question posed by many is, “How do I determine the appropriate wide flange beam sizes for my project?” Here is a simple breakdown to help you:


Measured at the flatter, broader section of the 'H', it determines the overall strength of the beam.


From the top to the bottom of the ‘H’. Taller beams can generally support more weight.

Web Thickness

This is the vertical section of the 'H'. A thicker web means a sturdier beam.

Flange Thickness

The horizontal section's thickness. Again, a thicker flange equates to a more robust beam.

Why Eastern Steel Corporation?

With the myriad of distributors out there, you may wonder why Eastern Steel Corporation should be your go-to for steel-wide flange beams in Brooklyn, NY? Here are some reasons that sets us apart from other distributors.


With years in the industry, we have honed our skills, ensuring you get top-notch products tailored to your needs.

Vast Inventory

Our wide-ranging stock ensures you find the perfect beam specification for your project without unnecessary delays.

Affordable Rates

Quality does not have to come at exorbitant prices. We pride ourselves on providing competitive rates without compromising on the caliber of our products.

Building Strong with Eastern Steel Corporation

In the bustling realm of construction, the choices you make can shape the destiny of your project. It is not just about getting it up and running, but also ensuring it stands the test of time. Ever heard of wide flange beams? These are not your average beams. Thanks to their amazing adaptability and solid strength, they can completely transform the foundation of your structures. But here is the catch: you need to get them from a trustworthy source. That is where our expert team comes into play. Located in Brooklyn, NY, we are renowned for providing top-notch steel products that are both durable and reliable. When you team up with us, you are not just building for today, but for many tomorrows. So, if you have a vision of a sturdy and impressive construction project, we are here to turn that dream into a reality. Delve into the impressive world of wide flange beams with Eastern Steel Corporation. Contact us today and join hands with us. Let us create architectural wonders that will stand tall and proud for generations to come!

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