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This steel product has a flat surface and rectangular face. It comes in a variety of thicknesses and lengths.

Size in InchesLbs/FtLbs/20'
Size in Inches1/8 X 1/2Lbs/Ft0.213 Lbs/20' 4.26
Size in Inches5/8Lbs/Ft0.266 Lbs/20' 5.32
Size in Inches3/4Lbs/Ft0.319 Lbs/20' 6.38
Size in Inches7/8Lbs/Ft0.372 Lbs/20' 7.44
Size in Inches1/1Lbs/Ft0.425 Lbs/20' 8.5
Size in Inches1/1Lbs/Ft0.478 Lbs/20' 9.56
Size in Inches1/1Lbs/Ft0.531 Lbs/20' 10.62
Size in Inches1/1Lbs/Ft0.639 Lbs/20' 12.78
Size in Inches1/3Lbs/Ft0.745 Lbs/20' 14.9
Size in Inches1/2Lbs/Ft0.851 Lbs/20' 17.02
Size in Inches2/1Lbs/Ft0.957 Lbs/20' 19.14
Size in Inches2/1Lbs/Ft1.064 Lbs/20' 21.28
Size in Inches2/3Lbs/Ft1.17 Lbs/20' 23.4
Size in Inches1/3Lbs/Ft1.276 Lbs/20' 25.52
Size in Inches3/1Lbs/Ft1.489 Lbs/20' 29.78
Size in Inches1/4Lbs/Ft1.702 Lbs/20' 34.04
Size in Inches4/1Lbs/Ft1.915 Lbs/20' 38.3
Size in Inches1/5Lbs/Ft2.127 Lbs/20' 42.54
Size in Inches1/6Lbs/Ft2.552 Lbs/20' 51.04
Size in Inches1/8Lbs/Ft3.403 Lbs/20' 68.06
Size in Inches1/10Lbs/Ft4.254 Lbs/20' 85.08
Size in Inches1/12Lbs/Ft5.105 Lbs/20' 102.1
Size in Inches3/16 X 1/2Lbs/Ft0.319 Lbs/20' 6.38
Size in Inches5/8Lbs/Ft0.398 Lbs/20' 7.96
Size in Inches3/4Lbs/Ft0.478 Lbs/20' 9.56
Size in Inches7/8Lbs/Ft0.559 Lbs/20' 11.18
Size in Inches1/1Lbs/Ft0.639 Lbs/20' 12.78
Size in Inches1/1Lbs/Ft0.718 Lbs/20' 14.36
Size in Inches1/1Lbs/Ft0.798 Lbs/20' 15.96
Size in Inches1/1Lbs/Ft0.957 Lbs/20' 19.14
Size in Inches1/3Lbs/Ft1.117 Lbs/20' 22.34
Size in Inches1/2Lbs/Ft1.276 Lbs/20' 25.52
Size in Inches2/1Lbs/Ft1.435 Lbs/20' 28.7
Size in Inches2/1Lbs/Ft1.596 Lbs/20' 31.92
Size in Inches2/3Lbs/Ft1.755 Lbs/20' 35.1
Size in Inches1/3Lbs/Ft1.915 Lbs/20' 38.3
Size in Inches3/1Lbs/Ft2.233 Lbs/20' 44.66
Size in Inches1/4Lbs/Ft2.552 Lbs/20' 51.04
Size in Inches4/1Lbs/Ft2.872 Lbs/20' 57.44
Size in Inches1/5Lbs/Ft3.191 Lbs/20' 63.82
Size in Inches1/6Lbs/Ft3.829 Lbs/20' 76.58
Size in Inches1/8Lbs/Ft5.105 Lbs/20' 102.1
Size in Inches1/10Lbs/Ft6.381 Lbs/20' 127.62
Size in Inches1/12Lbs/Ft7.657 Lbs/20' 153.14

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